How To Get Started With Photography

Photography is one of the most popular and easiest hobbies to pick up. In fact, if you own a smartphone, then you can start taking photos today. Plus, with photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, it’s never been easier to share your photos with the entire world.

How To Get Started

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a flashy digital camera, make sure photography is something that you plan to pursue for years to come. Practice taking pictures with your phone first. Today, many phones feature cameras that are just as good if not better than some digital cameras on the market. One of Apple’s current ad campaigns focuses on the quality of photos taken with the iPhone 6. Take a look at this gallery of photos to see some examples. The photos are a reminder that it’s not always the equipment you have. In many cases, a good photo is just about being at the right place at the right time.

Buying A Camera

A good digital camera can be a pricey investment. Don’t purchase a camera on online reviews alone. The relationship you have with your camera will be an important one. If you purchase a camera without ever holding it, you might be disappointed to discover it’s heavier or smaller than you imagined. Digital single-lens reflex or SLR cameras are some of the most popular cameras that professionals use. Here’s an informative guide that breaks down how to choose an SLR. SLRs are powerful cameras, and they’re popular for a number of reasons. One of the best aspects of SLR cameras is their ability to focus on moving subjects. When using an SLR, you’ll never have to worry about blurry photos.

General Tips

Light is integral to photography. You can’t sit in your house each day and expect to take breathtaking photos. To take good photos, you need to get outside and do some exploring. Find new places and new people that catch your eye. If you have a favorite photographer, do some research on their techniques. Then you can employ those techniques in your work. Here’s a list of 40 tips that will help you take better photos. Bookmark that page, and visit it when you feel like you need some motivation.

Where To Share

Like I mentioned above, Instagram is a popular platform for sharing photos—and not just selfies. Just about every professional photographer has an account, and you should too. You can share your work with the world and connect with other photographers. You can also share your photos on sites like Flickr, 500px, and Pinterest. If you want to print your photos, you can use Snapfish.

Photography is such a popular hobby because it’s so much fun. It’s a great way to experience the world and share your experience with others. Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone to pick up the hobby. You don’t need expensive equipment to be a talented photographer—what counts is the unique moment you capture and how you present that moment to your audience. The only way to find out if photography will become your favorite hobby is to get out there and start taking photos today.

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