Fall Gardening in Florida

For many areas of the United States, autumn signals the end of the gardening season. In Florida, though, fall is a wonderful time to continue gardening. If you plan to garden this fall, you’ll find this post useful. Keep reading to learn about some of the best plants you should add to your garden and some things you should keep in mind when gardening in the sunshine state.

Vegetable Garden

Gardeners who want to grow vegetables in the fall should consider planting tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. These three vegetables perform well during the fall. If you are growing from seeds, then it’s a good idea to start growing indoors. First, you’ll need to purchase seed trays and the appropriate soil for seeds. After planting the seeds in the trays, keep them on the windowsill until they sprout. Before planting your seedlings outside, you’ll need to harden them off. Read this article to learn more. (Keep in mind you can also purchase vegetable seedlings if you’re not comfortable with growing from seeds.)

Flower Garden

While Florida might miss out on the color of autumn leaves, you can still add splashes of color to your fall garden by planting perennials and annuals. Mexican bush sage is a popular perennial. The plant’s white and purple blooms generally appear in August and remain throughout the fall. Other popular choices include mums, snapdragons, and pansies. Yet there are many other flowers that make for great fall foliage. For example, take a look at Encore Azaleas’s Autumn Embers. This variety of azalea is hardy and a great way to add a splash of color to your flower garden.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Soil Composition – Many areas of Florida feature sandy soil. In fact, Florida features a type of soil—myakka—that is only located in the state. Healthy soil is loose and holds water well. Beware of soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when the soil is repeatedly walked over or driven over by vehicles. If you have compacted soil you will need to loosen the soil first. It’s also a good idea to add amendments like manure or compost to your soil. Take a look at this article for more information on soil amendments.
  • Tools – If you’ve never gardened before you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need a quality shovel, a trowel, and a quality hose that reaches far enough to your garden. It’s important to have a hat and sunscreen as well. Some gardeners also choose to purchase a gardening seat so that they can stay comfortable while working.

Learn More

For more information on Florida gardening, visit www.floridagardening.org. This site has some great tips for each season as well as some links that will help inspire you. If you are looking for general gardening tips, though, then you should have a look at www.gardening.about.com. This site has a ton of useful articles and general gardening advice.

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