About Selena Wilson

Selena Wilson

Selena Wilson is a realtor from Jacksonville, Florida with a passion for improving not just her own lifestyle, but those of everyone around her. Her primary outlets are strategic interior and exterior real estate design, gardening, and photography; however, she is also dedicated to fitness and overall healthy living.

A firm believer that personal success and growth take root in learning from others, Selena looks for ways to share what she’s learned with everyone from seasoned homeowners to first-time runners. Selena’s story is far from self-contained. It is the story of someone who made her way through life experiences she could have never imagined, buffered from the very start by an incredible support system of family, friends, and colleagues who helped her become who she is today.

Selena supports “before-and-after” transformations both large and small. Prior to her current career, she ran her own design company, Selena Wilson Design, based out of Sebring, Florida. The consulting company offered a wide variety of services, and over the years Selena took on a number of redecoration or renovation projects herself.

From redoing bathrooms to installing flooring to picking out house-wide color schemes, Selena is devoted to enhancing the beauty of homes, both inside and out.

It is also important to Selena to capture this beauty via photography. She has taken photos for real estate listings and cherishes the opportunity to incorporate scale, color, and, above all, detail in portraying what makes each home and its surrounding property unique.

Selena credits much of her “can-do” attitude to her upbringing in Ocala, Florida. Raised in an outdoorsy family anchored by her farmer grandparents, Selena spent her time riding horses, raising cattle, and exploring her grandmother’s lush garden, which the family used to provide fresh food for their weekly Sunday dinners. Now, Selena has become very sensitive to her surroundings and does all she can to nurture and improve them. Mostly recently she relandscaped a half-acre lot for her house and completed a koi pond water gardening transformation project.

Selena Wilson is also an all-around health and wellness buff; she enjoys running regularly and finding the smartest nutritional options. She loves to spend time on the beach and capture photographs of nature and landscapes.